Councilwoman Peggy Huang

Thank you for your support and encouragement.  I look forward to serving the next four years with Mayor  Gene Hernandez, Mayor Pro Tem Tara Campbell, and Councilmember Beth Haney.


We have a lot of work ahead of us to make Yorba Linda a Land of Gracious Living.  To do so, we have to move forward and leave the divisive past behind.  While the majority spoke with their votes, our City can only be better if those in the minority are heard and respected.  I look forward to working with all concerned citizens, interested parties, and stakeholders.  

As a state prosecutor and victims' rights advocate, I've spent my career prosecuting criminals who would harm our families. I assisted on one of the largest drug busts in California history, fought international human trafficking, and worked on the Unabomber case.


I've helped pass state and federal legislation to protect abused children, help domestic violence victims, provide adoption assistance, reform welfare to encourage employment, and plan our water system.


As a mother, I am proud to be raising our children in Yorba Linda with my husband, James.  As a resident of Yorba Linda, I serve our community in the Yorba Linda General Plan Advisory Committee. I founded the Yorba Linda Gracious Living Society. I volunteer as Yorba Linda's Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. I organized a grassroots effort to prevent an ill-planned Yorba Linda development.


As your Councilmember, I will:


  • Promote transparency in city government.
  • Be a consensus builder to bring all sides together.
  • Enhance public safety for all Yorba Linda citizens.
  • Improve Yorba Linda's roads, parks, and water.
  • Ensure complete accountability with our taxpayers' dollars.


I'm not a politician, and I've never run for elected government office. I'm just a concerned citizen and parent dedicated to serving Yorba Linda. I respectfully ask for your vote, this November.


Vote Peggy Huang, for Yorba Linda City Council.

OC Register Endorses Peggy Huang for Yorba Linda City Council

It was only last week that these pages were recommending Yorba Linda voters side with Councilman Tom Lindsey in a misguided recall election. Now that the recall has been defeated, voters are being asked again to rate the incumbent Mr. Lindsey’s performance, as well as select a new council member to office, in the Nov. 4 election.


With the recall election where it belongs, behind, and hopefully out of the minds, of Yorba Lindans, residents should use the Nov. 4 balloting to signal a willingness to move on and propel the city forward for the betterment of the entire community.


For that reason, the Register endorses Tom Lindsey and Peggy Huang, because we believe both of them embody that willingness to move forward and to no longer dwell upon past squabbles that have been holding Yorba Linda back. Read More


Peggy Huang

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